Nim Gholkar is the Founder of Blank Page Ninja Publishing. Through her easy-to-follow signature program, she helps small business owners, coaches, consultants, speakers and professionals write and publish their books and thereby become recognised as credible experts in their niche.

Blank Page Ninja Publishing offers start-to-finish publishing packages to help you get from ‘book idea’ to ‘Published Author’ within a few months.

Nim Gholkar’s expertise lies in ‘Business Storytelling’. She has combined her fiction-writing skills with an extensive sales background and come up with a unique blueprint that teaches the art of storytelling in business and sales.


Here’s Nim’s story about how and why she decided to launch ‘Blank Page Ninja Publishing’
After 20 years in the corporate world, I recently launched my business ‘Blank Page Ninja Publishing’ which helps entrepreneurs & professionals write and publish their books.

My book-writing mentoring program takes my clients from concept to published book in 3-6 months. So, why and how was Blank Page Ninja born? At a networking event a few months ago, I met several entrepreneurs who were keen to spread the word about their products and services. Business cards were exchanged without anyone even glancing at them.


What distinguished one entrepreneur from another, I wondered? After all, everyone nowadays has a website, blog and several social media platforms. What could I offer that would help entrepreneurs and professionals stand out in a crowd? After the success of my debut novel ‘Diary of an Immigrant Bride’, I recognised that having the tag ‘Published Author’ attached to one’s name is a tremendous credibility booster. What if I could help entrepreneurs become published authors?

They would be perceived as authorities in their niche and experts in their industry. It was the ultimate ‘aha’ moment. And that’s how Blank Page Ninja Publishing was born.